How to Grow Taller During Puberty

29 Jan

How to Grow Taller During Puberty
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How To Grow Taller During PubertyIntroduction

Most parents of adolescents who are going through puberty have a question, how to grow taller during puberty? We all know that kids grow during puberty. But how can we make sure that our kids get maximum growth during this period. During this phase of huge hormonal changes, a little change in the lifestyle can help bring up a huge growth spurt that can make the adolescents grow much taller. Achieving this does not require the expertise of a health professional or a dietician. If you really want to know how to grow taller during puberty, then you can start by doing a few simple things done at home. 

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Healthy And Balance Diet

The journey towards achieving good growth during puberty starts with a good diet. After all, a healthy and balanced diet is what you need to fuel all the growth that you wish to achieve. You need a lot more calories than usual to take care of growth during puberty. It is because your body is going through so many changes, and it needs energy to perform all these functions. This does not mean that you hog on burgers and pizzas, to get those calories. If you do this, all you will get is a face full of pimples and a few extra pounds. But no added inches on the vertical side.

Recommendation on How to Grow Taller during Puberty

Coming back to the question on how to grow taller during puberty, our recommendation is that you need a diet that has all the nutritional components that you need to grow taller and healthier during puberty. Your diet must include a good dose of proteins which are required to build the muscle mass in your body. It can come from grains, pulses, fish, and milk products. Vitamin C is essential for making bones and muscles healthy. Eat a lot of citrus fruits and vegetables. Calcium from milk, green vegetables, and fish is vital to make your bones and teeth stronger. A good balance of minerals and vitamins in the body is essential to grow taller during puberty.

Those who are seeking an answer on how to grow taller during puberty need to prepare them for a lot of hard work. Nothing comes easy in life. So, to grow taller during puberty you need to do a lot of exercise. This will help strengthen your body, elongate the bones, build up muscles, and make you healthier. Cycling, sprinting, swimming and jump rope are the best exercises if you want to maximize your growth during puberty. Stretching exercises are extremely important if you want to straighten or lengthen your muscles. Some simple stretching exercises twice a day, morning and evening, can get you good results. Stand against a wall, and try to stretch yourself on the upper side as much as you can.

Team up your stretching exercises with other workouts like swimming or jump rope and you will surely gain a good height. Now that your question how to grow taller during puberty stands answered, there is one more thing that you need to do. Take ample rest, as your body needs time to produce hormones, and recover from all the strain caused by exercises. In short, you need a strict routine of diet, exercise, and the rest to grow taller during puberty.

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How to Grow Taller During Puberty
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (90% score)

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  1. Frank October 23, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    Hey, I’m 16 years old male, I’m 5″9 and a junior in high-school. I’m active playing basketball and volleyball. I also weight train. I eat a ton, I don’t gain weight. My father is 5″9 and my mom is 5″3. Will I reach 6 foot ? I get my nutrients taking in multivitamins and stuff. I only get about 6 hours of sleep due to school and sports. Any tips?

    • Mike Andrew October 26, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

      Try to get enough sleep and keep on what are you doing right now.

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